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There are so many way and method in English lesson such as reading, writing, speaking, and listening. listening is a one thing in english lesson that usually ignored by the teacher, not only in Junior High School but also Senior High School. because of that reason i would like to give some of english materials contain listening part in order to increase the  listening ability.

the method that use in this listening is about 2 kind. first of all you will listen the sound record from native speaker.  the second steps is after listening the record carefully  then practice by answering the exercises in microsoft word (Ms Word) that you can download from the link below. it's also contain the answer in the script if you download it...remember "practices make perfect"

this section divide into 2 kinds. first audio format mp3, and exercise job format ms word. both of them can be download by clicking the link in the word. so enjoy yourself. thank.

last thing is about level, you can start with the beginner level first, and then intermediate level.

BEGINNER LEVEL (level pemula)

          INTERMEDIATE LEVEL (level menengah)
            i hope by learning this parts you will be able to improve your skill especially in listening, speaking, and writing..good luck all

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            1. Joko9.4.15

              all of your download link is deleted. please update your download link soon. thanks

              1. so sorry for your inconvenient, unfortunately i can't reupload this material soon. i will try it insyaallah


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