How to Cook Turkey Easy and Delicious

How to cook the turkey Easy that is small or large size actually easier than you might think or imagine. The key begin with the turkey which ready to cook nicely and then do these steps to make sure your turkey meat isn’t dry when cooking. Read more these all steps to know how to choose good turkey, flavoring with your own taste, and roasting it in the oven. 

How to cook turkey steps one: Pick the turkey

How to pick the turkey is one of important steps to do. Turkey is one of something that deserves to make you spend more money if you can. 

Turkey which have been frozen for a while, or long in the supermarket, or has been added with preservative is not as delicious as the fresh turkey. Remember these following things below to make sure about picking the best turkey

  • Try to find the fresh turkey in the butcher instead of supermarket. The butcher usually have fresh meat
  • Find the turkey which is not injected with salt because it will give addition taste to the turkey
  • Pick the optimal size turkey or your own family or colleagues depend on the number of participants. Average turkey size around 7-8 KG will be enough for 16 persons, and big size turkey size around 8.5 to 9.5 KG will be enough for 20 persons or more

cook turkey steps
pick the best turkey

Melt your turkey if necessary. 

If you bought freeze turkey to your agenda, make sure to unfreeze it long time before you cook in order to make the turkey melting perfectly. The turkey must be melting by using original wrapper below the fridge. Open the wrapper and let it melt in your kitchen for couple hours before prepare it.

cook turkey steps by steps
melting the turkey

Empty the inside of the turkey body

Empty the all organs inside of turkey body. This organ usually has been in the small pouch which easily removed. You can also find the turkeys neck in there, keep it or remove it.

cook turkey steps by steps
emptying the inside body turkey

Wash the turkey with streaming water

After wash the turkey, tap it over and over until it drain by using tissue or clean towel. Draining your turkey before put in the oven is one important thing because if it wet the turkey skin will vaporize so the result it won’t be brown and crunchy

cook turkey steps by steps
wash turkey 

How to cook turkey steps two: Fill and Soak the turkey

Inside the turkey: fill it with your own favorite sausage and put in the turkey’s body with spoon. Fill it until fully loaded then flip the skin to cover the hole.
  • Some of chefs believe that filling turkey will lose the humidity of meat while it’s cooking. You don’t have to do it if you like

cook turkey steps by steps
fill and soak the turkey

Soak the turkey:

Soaking turkey is an easy and cheap process by giving it with salt liquid and herbal aromatic, ingredients, vegetables and fruits in the turkey. I believe by using the turkey with salt liquid will give the humidity into deep of this meat which mean turkey isn’t too dry when roasted. 
  • If you bought Kosher Turkey, don’t soak your turkey because kosher turkey has been added with the salt from the factory.
cook turkey steps by steps
soak the turkey

  • Heat your oven until 230 celcius degree 

Cover the tray with aluminum foil. Use two pieces of thick aluminum foil that is one for covering the turkey height and one for covering it wide. Make sure it big enough to wrap it perfectly because it will give a great humidity to your turkey.

cook turkey steps by steps
heat you oven into 230 celcius degree

  • Scale your turkey to find the time for cookUsually time to cook for turkey is around 20 minutes for 0.5 KG included the full loaded.
  • Put the chest turkey into up of the roasted pan. You can add ingredient to the turkey if you want. Everybody loves to eat turkey with their own way. These are the steps to add ingredients
  • If you don’t soak your turkey, you might strew it with salt and pepper
  • Lubricate your turkey with butter or satin oil to get more rich taste and brown dark skin.
  • Put the onion in the hole of turkey’s body
  • Roasted and lubricated

Turn down the temperature until 180 Celsius degree

Pour the turkey in every 30 minutes. Open the oven slowly and use big pipet or spoon to pour the grease form lower to top of the turkey’s skin. To make turkey crispy in your last 30 minutes by open the turkey’s cover in the chest and thigh because it will make more brown and crispy.

Check if it ripens. When the time which you set is over (of course depend on the weight of turkey) use thermometer to check how it ripe. Put the thermometer inside of thigh turkey, when it around 74 Celsius degree it mean your turkey is done  

How to cook turkey steps four: Idle and cut

Let your turkey idle for a while. Turn your tray to make the grease become one. Pick it up and wrap it with foil for 30 minutes to make it soft and humidite.

cook turkey steps by steps
wrap iit with foil
  • While doing that use your grease of turkey to make sausage
  • Cut the turkey after 30 minutes. You can cut it like you cut the chicken. Use a sharp knife, cut each part of the body.

cook turkey steps by steps
Cut the turkey

How to cook turkey last steps is serve your turkey.

By following the How To Cook Turkey Easy and Delicious article above i believe you have a great experience about how to cook turkey by your own hand, is that exciting? Well that is the how to cook turkey article, thanks for reading and if there is any question, comments or request, please comment in the commentary section below. Read also Spoof Text Genre

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