Intensifier English grammar

Intensifier English grammar can be seen in so many forms like very, really, amazingly and extremely. So what is the meaning of intensifier itself? In this article we will discuss about intensifier and the purpose of intensifier. Let’s check it out below

Intensifier English grammar is a word that uses to make the adjective word stronger than before.  For example like very strong etc. Intensifier used only to reinforce the adjectives, make stronger the adjective or even just for  downtoner. You can see the meaning of intensifier in this place too Wikipedia

Intensifier English grammar examples:

It’s a very interesting photo
My father was very excited.
J.K. Rowling made really interesting story.

We call these words intensifiers. Other intensifiers are:

amazingly exceptionally incredibly
remarkably particularly unusually

Intensifier English grammar can be divided into some functions which are: amplifier, emphasizer.

Emphasizer: This kind of word which is used to make emphasize 

Example of emphasizer

  • It is very interesting photo
  • Mother is very excited.
  • J.K. Rowling made really interesting story

Intensifier used to Amplifier the word

Example of amplifier

  • She dances so beautifully at the party 
  • Mr. Adam completely disagree with your proposal
  • Of course my parents absolutely supporting me


Intensifier English grammar also use enough to say more about an adjective; of course enough comes after its adjective:

  • If your sister eighteen, she is old enough to drive a car.
  • My father can’t run with me. He is not fast enough.

Intensifier English grammar can’t be used in these strong adjectives words because it will grammatically incorrect. For example I can’t say “very tiny” or something is “very delicious”.  So check the strong words like below:
Enormous or Huge = Very Big

Tiny = very small
Brilliant = very clever
Awful; terrible; disgusting; dreadful = very bad
Certain = very sure
Excellent; perfect; splendid; wonderful = very good
Delicious = very taste

Of course there is another intensifier which can be used into these strong words like:
  • Amazingly brilliant
  • Absolutely delicious
  • Quite awful
  • Totally excellent
  • Really huge

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