Save or Safe

Save or safe sometimes make frustrated and confusing to be used especially for learner who comes from non English language. So i believe that this is another interesting subject in learning English language that we should understand it clearly. 

We know what we’re saying, yet when we write, we get both words mixed up. In fact, there must not be a confusion because the words are not even homophones. They are of course pronounced a little differently. The save is spell with a “v” and the other safe with an “f “.

SAVE (v.) – to keep (there are other meanings as well) : menjaga (VERB/KATA KERJA)
SAFE (adj.) – not in danger, protected : tidak dalam bahaya, terlindungi (ADJECTIVE)

Examples of save or safe :

I had to safe myself because the fire could not be extinguished. (X)
I had to save myself because the fire could not be extinguished. (√)

They are now save from the horrible weather. (X)
They are now safe from the horrible weather. (√)

I believe right now that you understand the difference between save VS safe, make sure you save your diamond in a safe place. Be sure you understand how to spell the word correctly. Often what you speak is not what you write.  Thanks for reading this save vs safe article, if there is comment feel free to write it down. 

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