Simple Present tense

Simple Present tense in English material become one of the easiest tenses to learn. In fact from the kindergarten and elementary schools there is also study about this tense. According to that fact it mean that learning English Grammar is really important to do from beginning. So in this simple present article we will learn about this tense by using easy method.

Simple Present tense article at here is free to read and also i give lot of exercises in the section below or in exercise page jagoenglish. so let's get to the simple tense.

Simple present tense is a common tense that we always use in daily activities because some reasons likes facts, habitual activities, and common things. 

Simple present tense tells about FACT (expressing fact)
Let's try the easy way, can you tell me about what are the direction of sunrise and direction the sunset? If you answer with east and west, it mean that you are using common FACT.

Simple present tense example about FACT:

  • The sun is rising from east and sunset in the west.
  • After Monday is Tuesday.
  • Obama is the US President

Simple present tense also can be used in habitual activities. The easiest way to make habitual expression is why you don't make your daily activities from wake up until go to bed again. If you do that, it's mean you are using simple present tense in habitual activities. 

Simple present tense example abut HABITUAL ACTIVITIES:

  • I wake up in 5.00 AM in the morning and tidy up my bed. After that i pray shubuh and help my mother. I go to school after eat breakfast in the morning. i study and play in the school until 1 PM. Bla bla bla
  • My father always reads the newspaper in the living room.

English tenses

Simple present tense divided into two kind of sentences: Nominal sentences and also verbal sentences. let's check it one by one to make it clear.

Simple present tense: NOMINAL SENTENCE form is mentioned below 

positive sentence
(+)   Subject + tobe + Adjectives + Modifier

Simple present tense nominal sentence example
  • I am a good student
  • I am not a good student
  • Am i a good student?

Just take a look at the TOBE after Subject in the example above. I used "I" as subject so the "TOBE" will be "AM" right??? What about if i used SHE, HE or IT as a subject? Then just change the TOBE with "IS". How about if i used THEY, YOU and WE as subject??? easy to answer right, change TOBE with "ARE", the example of simple present tense using SHE/HE/IT, WE/YOU/THEY below:
  • She is clever girl
  • He is a handsome boy
  • They are rich

Simple present tense nominal is pretty easy right, now continue to the negative and interrogative sentences below.

Negative sentence
subject + Tobe (is, am, are) NOT+ Noun/ Adjective/ Adverb+ Complement

Simple present tense nominal negative sentence is adding the NOT after the TOBE like the tabel above. Take a look at the example below:

Simple present tense nominal negative sentence examples:
  • She is not clever girl
  • They are not rich people
  • Mrs EVE is NOT a funny teacher
Interrogative sentence
Tobe (is, am, are) + S+ Verb1 + Complement

Simple present tense nominal Interrogative sentence is made by changing the TOBE into the first sentence and end with "?". Check the examples below:
  • Is She a clever girl?
  • Are they rich people?
  • Is Mrs EVE a funny teacher?
In this Simple present tense nominal interrogative sentence you can answer by using YES or NO sentences. take a look at examples below:
  • Is she a clever girl? Yes she is
  • Are they rich people? No they are not
  • Is mrs EVE a funny teacher? no She is not

Simple present tense article above just in Nominal form only. If you are looking for the verbal sentence you might take a look at Simple present tense verbal here. Thanks for reading this article, feel free to comment.

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