how to translate english to chinese

English to chinese becomes one of the major translation in this era, because of course who doesn't know how expanse  this chinese from the culture, machinery, and also the human too. 

this is really interesting title to do because there are several ways that we can use to translate english into chinese languange. in this article we would give you a simple ways to translate your english into chinese by using all this tool below.

if you want to find the best translation tool for english to chinese there are several ways to do and these all best tool for you.

Google translate

Everybody knows the google translate and its capability. of course when you are trying to translate by google you still need to add and rearrange some words because this google only give a basic translation. I believe when you find another words you can make it in there, but still akward to read.

You can use this as second ways to translate your english into chinese languange. just come to this and put your words or sentences in there, and see how its work.

Of course there are another ways to translate your english to chinese, just come to this to help your sentences for english into chinese languange.

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